Contexture is a small client focused visual design practice founded by Garima Naredi. It focuses on information design and visual identity design. In depth research to understand the context, collaboration with the client are the two strong posts of the work process. At the heart of the design solutions is art lending itself through illustrations, drawings, conceptualization and compositions.

The primary goals of contexture are to:

process-02Help clients present their important data and information like research, annual reports, presentations, etc., in an easy to understand and engaging way to their target audience. The process begins by understanding not just the information to be designed but why the information is important to the client, what they aim to achieve with it. This helps determine the context and create a design solution that reflects its spirit.

Develop identities for businesses and individuals that reflect their mission and vision. Identity design encompasses logo creation, print and digital assets, collateral, brochures, marketing material, icons, to list a few. Identity is like creating a visual persona of a business that reflects its shape, size, thoughts and purpose with authenticity to be able to earn trust and attract the right audience.

Dreams are a big part of the design process at Contexture. Sometimes a glimpse into that dream illustration, feeling or vision can lead to thinking big and out of the box results. Hence collaboration with clients is an essential element of the design process.

Design Process

While the core process remains the same, every project is approached with the unique perspective it deserves. Some of the common steps of the process involved are:

1. Research and Planning
2. Concept Development
3. Digital Assets and Draft
4. Revisions and Final Deliverable
5. Delivery and Support