headshot1I was born and raised in the beautiful pink city Jaipur in Rajasthan, India. I drew, painted and wrote from a very young age. My love for art and storytelling got me into an acclaimed Bachelors of Fine Arts program in my city where I studied everything from applied arts, advertising design, photography to art history and aesthetics in the arts. I did a couple internships across India while studying, and after graduating was hired by an advertising agency as a Graphic Designer.

After I moved to the wondrous emerald city Seattle, I continued my studies in Digital Design, User Centered Design and also completed atelier training in representational drawing and painting. I work as a freelance designer and consultant and have built a portfolio of diverse clients and projects. Every project has given me a chance to tell its unique story to present its information and mission with the clarity and beauty it deserves.

I am committed to crafting clear and engaging design solutions. I am fascinated by how the users interact with designs, be it on paper, a billboard or a digital device. My design process involves in depth research of the company, its mission and vision, the target audience and the project brief itself. This is the most important stage of my process as it helps me question, get answers and collect data. This leads to concept development where a fill up sketchbooks with words and drawings. I find it interesting to weave it all together to create design solutions that are simple to understand and appealing to look at.

My studio is based in Seattle where I live with my husband, little daughter and our dog. The lush green and hilly terrains of Seattle are very inspiring, adding its wind and rhythm to my story.